Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shell Envelope Clutch

Shell Envelope Clutch

Chain 47

Row 1: SC in 2nd CH from hook. Then, SC in each CH across. Ch 2. Turn

Row 2: 2 DC in 1st SC * skip 2 SC, SC in 3rd SC. Skip 2 SC, 5 DC (shell stitch) in 3rd DC* Repeat * across to last 3 SC. SC in last SC. CH 3. Turn.

Row 3: 2 DC in 1st SC. *Skip 2 DC and SC in 3rd DC (top of shell stitch). Skip 2 DC and shell stitch in SC*. Repeat * across to last 3 stitches. SC in top of turning CH. CH 3. Turn.

Repeat Row 3 until piece measure desired length. Sew sides together, but leave a flap to cover opening.

I installed a snap, not a button to the clutch to make a sleeker look.